A hot and sweaty day: July 20

My husband’s phone died a most undignified death on Monday. The display became a fuzzy-looking purple and yellow haze, and could not be used. He has been fussing with an old phone to get by, and dealing with switching carriers and buying the new phone. Finally done with all that! Yay!

  • Top: Converse, from coworker’s closet cleanout. Cost: $0
  • Tank under top: 5ish years ago, Old Navy. Cost: $6
  • Capris: Maurice’s, thrifted. Cost: $3
  • Shoes: Blowfish, 2ish years ago. Cost: $29.50 (roughly 4 cents a day)*
  • Bracelet: Premier, about 5 years ago. Cost: $32 (about 1 cent a day)*
  • Earrings: unknown maker, from Whole Foods about a year ago. Cost: $14 (3.8 cents a day)*

The Goodwill thrift stores in my area offer a 10% discount card for $5, good for a year of discounts on regularly priced merchandise(they do a weekly 50% off for certain colored tags, those aren’t included). I thrift enough that the card pays for itself after a few visits.

Total cost: $84.50, including the staple items that get heavy rotation.


Trying something new: July 19

My husband usually has a good idea or 5 up his sleeve at any given time. When we were eating dinner before the Paul McCartney concert on Monday (OMG SO GOOD), he popped a little gem of an idea out for me. He said, “Jennifer, you love to thrift. Why don’t you blog more about your thrift scores? You can tell people how much you pay for your outfits. You’re really good at it!” So, we’ll give it a shot! 😁

  • Top and skirt: from a generous coworker’s closet clean-out. Cost: $0
  • Sandals: Teva, bought online in 2015. Cost: $44.27 with shipping. They’re still in good shape, so I will keep wearing them until they die.*
  • Necklace: gift from husband. Cost: $0 (our finances were not combined at that time, we were still dating 😁).*
  • Earrings: Premier, bought in a set 4-5 years ago. I maybe paid $20 for a set of 2 pairs, so $10 each. I wear these all the time, so they were a good investment.*
  • Fitbit: Ebay, a year and a half ago, $99.*

So, for items I get a lot of use out of, I try to embrace the mindset of “Buy it once.” A couple years ago, my husband pointed out that I bought bad shoes that hurt my feet every summer. That helped me break the habit. 😂

To break it down a little bit more, my sandals have cost me approximately 6 cents a day, and they are not dead yet. I estimate that by the end, I can get that figure down to about 3.4 cents a day. The earrings, half a cent a day. The fitbit, 18 cents a day.

Total cost: $154, but that’s mostly staple items that get heavy rotation.

The one where I am kind of lazy: July 15

I have quickly become accustomed to having weekends off, and it is splendid.  Today, we had a leisurely time getting out of bed, and I crossed some self-care items off my to-do list: cut and polish toenails, leg wax, haircut, nap.

Polishes by OPI: Fly (teal) and Teenage Dream (pink sparkles). Sandals: Teva

So fresh and so clean clean

 Meanwhile, my sweetheart of a husband has been toiling away on the 4runner.

The surgeon and his patient.

He’s doing some much-needed maintenance and repair on the steering rack, it’ll be nice for it to not be so squirrelly. 

Trying to alter my birthday suit: July 10

My niece and nephew came up Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  We had a generally good time. We picked blackberries(and I made cobbler), we went to the arcade, we went out to eat a little bit. On Sunday, I had to be the baddest guy in the world. I made them bathe before we went to go see Despicable Me 3! Kids get a funk about them, and they conveniently can’t smell it. 😝 

My nephew asked if my dryer really worked, and it ended up being a bargaining chip in favor of bathing. I detangled their hair and sat them under the dryer. 😁💆👍

After we got home, my husband talked me into a bike ride around the lake, which was great. We saw a little group of pelicans! Today, he texted me to see if I would go to the gym with him after work (we talked at length the other day and both agreed it was time to recommit to being more in tune with health and fitness), so I prepped dinner before we left for the gym. Hoping to get back to feeling strong and healthy. 🙂

Feeling hot hot hot: July 5

My husband and I had a lovely Independence Day! We started the day with a bike ride around the lake, then we had lunch at Panera Bread. After that, we came home and cleaned up, then made the harrowing voyage to Harbor Freight Tools. I have never seen so many people in there before! All said and done, we were able to get several needed tools for our 4Runner project (compressor, air tools, etc) for a great price. The rest of the day was spent grillin’ and chillin’, with a beautiful fireworks display at dusk.

  • Shirt: H&M
  • Pants: B. Wear, thrifted
  • Necklace and earrings: Doctor Who licensed merchandise  (gift from my husband ❤)
  • Sandals: Blowfish 

There’s a first time for everything: July 3

So, yesterday my husband and I went to go look for parts for our 4Runner at the junkyard. I put my drivers license and a $20 bill in my pocket. Somehow, during the trip, I managed to lose both the $20 bill and my driver’s license. (I have been a licensed driver since 2002, so I made it 15 years before losing a license. Not too shabby.)  We got all the way home before I realized it. We went back to look, but to no avail. So, today I went and had a new drivers license picture made. It turned out pretty good. 

Since I had to go to the office today, I made and brought a pie to share. Made it somewhat less of a drag. 😂

  • Shirt and skirt: Old Navy (shirt is thrifted)
  • Sandals: Blowfish