A hot and sweaty day: July 20

My husband’s phone died a most undignified death on Monday. The display became a fuzzy-looking purple and yellow haze, and could not be used. He has been fussing with an old phone to get by, and dealing with switching carriers and buying the new phone. Finally done with all that! Yay!

  • Top: Converse, from coworker’s closet cleanout. Cost: $0
  • Tank under top: 5ish years ago, Old Navy. Cost: $6
  • Capris: Maurice’s, thrifted. Cost: $3
  • Shoes: Blowfish, 2ish years ago. Cost: $29.50 (roughly 4 cents a day)*
  • Bracelet: Premier, about 5 years ago. Cost: $32 (about 1 cent a day)*
  • Earrings: unknown maker, from Whole Foods about a year ago. Cost: $14 (3.8 cents a day)*

The Goodwill thrift stores in my area offer a 10% discount card for $5, good for a year of discounts on regularly priced merchandise(they do a weekly 50% off for certain colored tags, those aren’t included). I thrift enough that the card pays for itself after a few visits.

Total cost: $84.50, including the staple items that get heavy rotation.


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