Carefully climbing out of the hole: August 5

Hello, internet! I am starting to feel better, but there’s still a little bit to overcome. I have graduated from abject sadness to not knowing what I need to do next (it took me 30 minutes to get dressed today because I was so scattered). As a result, I have been a little bit forgetful the last few days. I intended to go to a spin class on Thursday afternoon, I completely forgot about it, and they kindly let me reschedule it. Today, I had the rescheduled class, and completely forgot about it too. I won’t ask them to reschedule it again. Since they are prepaid, I figure I can let that be a reminder to me to be more diligent in future.

  • Top: Old Navy, thrifted. $1.50
  • Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted. $2
  • Bracelets: Pura Vida, $5 each.

Total cost: $13.50


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